Drag reduction chemicals for pipeline

Complex proprietary blend of organic hydrocarbons used to help reduce drag, lower back-

pressure, and improve flow in crude oil pipelines. By creating a molecular bond with crude oil

and utilizing wall layer modifications to reduce turbulent friction in the system it results in

laminar flow conditions in pipelines with abnormally high Reynolds numbers. This helps

reduce the amount of energy required to transport the liquid and improves the flow


Main advantages over competitors DRA product:

Does not have to be removed from crude before refining process or before putting

crude into storage.

Shear stable, long-lasting effect even after pumps, less injection points. 

Easy to inject, no special equipment needed, no low temperature concerns, easily


Dissolves paraffins and heavy hydrocarbons deposits to help reduce back-pressure

(no other product in the market does so).

Lower pump maintenance and pipeline cleaning costs (pigging reduced or eliminated

with continuous use).