Expandable Casing/Profile liners

Drilling as per the drilling program can sometimes be disrupted by major issues, such as extreme

to total mud losses (e.g., those happening in cavy formations) and sloughing and swelling of

shale. Such problems may lead to narrowing wellbore diameter due to installation of additional

intermediate casing in the troublesome formation to overcome the problem, more complicated

wellbore designs, extensive loss of drilling time, high cost and finally, shutting off well.

All this can be simply avoided through utilizing Wildcat’s Profile Liner (expandable casing), which

will help you drill any troublesome formation accompanied with high mud losses or sloughing

and swelling of shale without narrowing your wellbore diameter while saving rig time and cost.

Wildcat's profile liner can be considered to be a part of the drilling program as to avoid installing

additional casing while drilling known troublesome formations and reduce expected drilling