The Hole Straightener

WILD-REAMER tool for Optimum Wellbore Condition

Elimination of Stacking out, Riding over, and frictional Jumps

WildReamer Hole-Straightening tool is a downhole tool that is highly recognized in North America for decades.

The WildReamer tool is basically designed to smoothen the wellbore section simultaneously as the bit drills it without increasing torque or vibrations, nor interfering with the directional navigation.

Positioned between the last drill collar and the HWDP, its special design allows the 360 degrees hard faced slightly oversized broaches to agitate the cuttings off the lower bed, wipe out irregularities and ledges, prevent the formation of thick mud cake, reduce differential sticking at the tool and enlarge key seats to prevent sticking against high dog-leg sections.

The WildReamer is a wellbore reaming-while-drilling device! The drill string is tripped easier, casings run smoother, NPT reduced, and AFE lowered.

The WildReamer requires no modification in your BHA and is best positioned at the top of the drill collars, below the HWDP.

The WildReamer tools are available for wellbore sizes: 16”,12¼”, 8½” & 6”.

The WildReamer Hole Straightening tool has the following features that will help increase the bit life and provide faster bit penetration:

Helical body to equalize pressure and avoid differential sticking.

Tungsten Carbide surface to remove ledges, ridges, offsets and eliminate key seats before they occur.

Has the fanning effect to keep the mud heavies and cuttings in suspension and force movement up the hole.

Normal API connections. ¼” to ⅜” over sized from Drill Collar String OD.

Can be run in tension and compression.

Easy and less maintenance.

Testing the WildReamer Hole Straightening tool firsthand in BH-70 with KDC-28 Rig - D & WO Team VI

  • Actual Drag reduced 10% - 30% compared to simulated values.

  • Actual Torque reduced by about 15%.

  • Good steerability response as per DD feedback.

  • Had Max surface Torque of 8,500 ft-lb.

  • Had overall ROP of 25.3 FPH.

  • Had Smooth Wiper Trip; POOH on elevator all the way up to 13-3/8” casing.

  • Recorded 4-Open Hole logging runs smoothly.