Hydraulic Smart Reamer

High Speed Reaming Tool



  • Fluid activated with drillable internals

  • Very high rotational speeds achieved with fluid circulation down the string

  • Low and uniform pressure drop across the tool making HSRT ideal for completion string deployment

  • Choice of cutting structure and hard facing

  • Optimized nose profiles are available for more aggressive operations

  • Multiple jets

  • High speed bearings capable of >3000 RPM

  • Better hole cleaning prior to cementing

  • Improved cementing operations in high angle and horizontal wells

  • Can be used as an alternative jetting tool for well-bore clean up and stimulations

The HSRT Multi-Purpose Shoe by Wildcat provides a variety of critical functions during the completion stages of each well section. The HSRT system can be configured to run as a high speed reaming solution for casing or tubular deployment, as a casing scraper, or as a jetting tool for wellbore clean-up operations. It also adds a beneficial second shear to the cement being pumped into the anulus, improving the cement bond around casing and liners. Superior to conventional cementing and guide shoes, the HSRT builds upon their respective features aiding in-hole cleaning and clearing of formation bridges to land casing on depth. During operation, fluid flow pumped from surface activates a unique impeller system to deliver very high rotational speeds. Each HSRT tool operates at rotary speeds in excess of 1,500 RPM, in turn generating a unique flow pattern allowing for enhanced fluid carrying capacity making it the ideal candidate for casing and liner cementing operations. The HSRT Multi-Purpose product line is a natural fit for vertical, high angle, & horizontal operations. The low torque, self-centralizing nose design allows for easy tracking of the well-bore, overcoming ledges and other well bore obstructions and minimizing the risk of a side track.

The SmartReamer technology intends to provide a simple time tested solution for the casing running challenges. It is a means of increasing the chances of removing all sorts of casing obstructions without the need to rotate the casing string.

The technology is established in North America for many operators as an insurance policy against casing troubles. It was tested & approved in the MENA area by Saudi Aramco, Zadco, ADMA as well Libya, Nigeria and Egypt with outstanding success and very satisfied operators.

Through the Mechanical Reaming Motor The SmartReamer rotates independent from the casing when encountering obstructions and hanging. The rotation is done by reciprocating the casing through 3 to 5 ft strokes which causes the Bit to act as a bit. It then “drills off” the obstruction and guides the casing string through ledges, tight swollen sections and dog legs, allowing effective removal of fill and debris from below the casing shoe to land on the intended TD


The Smart Reamer rotates without rotating the casing string

  • Removes fill and debris

  • Reams the well bore

  • Deflects off obstructions

  • Negotiates dog legs and bridges

  • Puts no Torque on the casing string

  • Compatible with all liner hangers and completion assemblies

  • On-Shelf item available in all casing types and threads

  • Allows customizable Bit solutions

  • PDC drillable including the Bit.

The SRS internals are made from industrial grade aluminum alloy and bronze components, both of which lend to the strength and durability of the tool in tough downhole conditions and facilitate smooth clean drill-outs without causing damage to the PDC drill out bit. The operator does not need to make a special bit trip for drilling out the SRS tool. The drilling BHA will be used for said purpose and drilling will continue into the formation after drilling the float equipment and SRS shoe.

Bronze Casing Pilot Bit

Design: The Casing Pilot is a PDC drillable bit made completely out of bronze, with tungsten carbide cutting faces and tungsten carbide buttons on the OD to minimize the wear on the bit OD. 2 sq. Inches flow area, includes a locking mechanism to prevent bit’s rotation when drilling it out.

Application: – The Casing Pilot was designed to be the best all-around bit, suitable for reaming and bridge removal regardless of geology also the profile of the Casing Pilot maintains a long taper, allowing for deflection off of ledges, washouts, and doglegs.

Bronze Rhino Eccentric Bit

Design: The Rhino Eccentric Bit is a heavy duty Bronze drillable bit with long eccentric profile/shape. It is equipped with stabilizers and a cutting face and It Provides 360° reaming capability along the OD, with tungsten carbide cutting faces and tungsten carbide buttons along the OD to resist wear.

Application: – An effective solution for situations involving extreme wash outs, ledges, doglegs and assists with bridges and reaming. The long eccentric profile Of the Bit seeks out open hole through rotation provided by the Smart Reamer Shoe. Despite the eccentric shape acting as a guide to deflect off of the obstructions and continue past quickly

Bronze Bridge Breaker Bit

Design: The Bridge Breaker is all bronze construction which makes It completely drillable, and Is outfitted with tungsten carbide buttons to resist wear and tungsten carbide clustered to increase its cutting and agitation power.

Application: Designed to handle coal seams and swelling shales, the outer row Of cutters is designed to cut the exposed shales and coal in to large pieces which are then further broken down by a row of inside cutters for easy removal by circulation.

Aluminum Negotiator Bit

Design: The Drillable Negotiator Bit was designed with a rounded bull nose profile. The bit is equipped with 4 stabilizers tipped with tungsten carbide

Application: Deflect off of ledges, washouts and doglegs and facilitate the reaming and the agitation.

The Negotiator Bit is available in Steel for Non- Drillable SRS.

Aluminum Slider Eccentric Bit

Design: has eccentric nose profile that excels at sliding. It is made of aluminum composite so it is completely PDC drillable.

Application: The Slider Eccentric Bit is a cost effective solution for situations involving extreme wash outs, ledges and doglegs. Through rotation provided by the Smart Reamer Shoe, the long eccentric nose of the bit is aligned towards the open hole acting as a guide to deflect off the obstructions and continue passing quickly

The drillable Bits

Non Drillable Smart Reamer – for Prod. Casing Strings and Liners

The non-drillable SRS was designed to provide a mechanical solution to address obstacles that interfere with getting the production casing string to bottom. The tool is designed to provide maximum revolutions to facilitate reaming, agitating of fill and debris, as well as deflection off of ledges, obstructions and washouts.

This SRS is designed with a well-engineered design and top quality manufacturing so the steel SRS provides an effective and reliable solution without sacrificing quality or strength; it is designed to be the strongest component of any casing string

  • Non-Drillable

  • Applications : Production Casing Cost effective

The non drillable Bit


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