Innovative OPEX model, Fast ROI

Small tooling package

Installed via production tubing

Universal mating to downhole motors

Works with Rod pump, ESP and PCP

THOR is the highest energy density downhole heater available on the market, up to 100 times greater than electrical heaters, this allows for a small tooling package that is easily deployed and retrieved to any depth, allowing high impact targeted heat over the 100ft reservoir section.

THOR’s mechanical design removes the chance of failure from cable jointing that can occur

in electrical heaters and THOR’s Variable Speed Drive (VSD) allows the operator total

control over the downhole temperature, which can be changed in real time.

Unique, patented mechanical downhole heater providing targeted heat at high efficiency.

THOR is the most cost effective and lowest carbon per barrel downhole heating / thermal enhanced oil recovery solution on the market today.

§Total downhole temperature control

§Up to 100x more heat per foot than competitors

§Reduces oil viscosity

§Increases production by 2x or more

§Improves pump efficiency

§Restores shut in gas production

§Mitigates wax and asphalting deposition

Cavitas’ heater emits only 1.51 gC02/MJ during operation, which is around 20 times less than traditional thermal operations such as steam floods in Kern, California at 29.33 g/MJ. THOR’s high (90%) efficiency and targeted downhole also keep fuel costs low.

Over 40% of the global remaining oil is heavy, which is most effectively developed by thermal operations. THORs low carbon barrels could have a vast impact on the global goal of keeping Climate Change below 2oC.

Reliable Mechanical Downhole Heating

THOR’s mechanical design offers the highest downhole heat energy density on the market, up to 55 kW/m, which is 50-100x greater than typical electrical cable heaters. The tool itself is significantly shorter and lighter than alternatives, which is easier to deploy and retrieve.

THOR’s ingenious mechanical design avoids the reliability issues that plague ‘Electric Cable Heaters’, e.g. hot spots at splices. THOR’s fully sealed design avoids free gas and solids shock loading, a key failure mechanism of pumps.

The downhole tooling requires no maintenance on its 3-5 year run life and can be monitored remotely, where traditional methods will require Maintenance Technicians on site 24/7.

The small topside footprint of a VSD, Transformer and Junction Box make it ideal for offshore or remote wells.

The flexible rental model can allow Operators to receive a return on investment in 50 days or less.

Cavitas’ active design team and innovative spirit means THOR can be fully customised to suit all requirements that the operator has. Fully unlocking the potential of their wells in an environmentally friendly way.