Wildcat Cruizer Casing Landing Tool

The Cruizer technology intends to provide a simple time-tested solution for the casing

running challenges. It is a means of increasing the chances of removing all sorts of casing

obstructions without the need to rotate the casing string.

It is tested & approved in the MENA area by Saudi Aramco, ADNOC, as well Libya, Nigeria

and Egypt with outstanding success and very satisfied operators.

The Cruizer tool rotates independent from the casing when encountering obstructions and

hanging. The rotation is done by reciprocating the casing through 3 to 5 ft strokes which

causes the Bit to act as a bit. It then “drills off” the obstruction and guides the casing string

through ledges, tight swollen sections and dog legs, allowing effective removal of fill and

debris from below the casing shoe to land on the intended TD


The Cruizer rotates without rotating the casing string

Removes fill and debris

Reams the well bore

Deflects off obstructions

Negotiates dog legs and bridges

Puts no Torque on the casing string

Compatible with all liner hangers and completion assemblies

On-Shelf item available in all casing types and threads

Allows customizable Bit solutions

PDC drillable including the Bit.