About US

Optimum Performance and enviable Field Track record

Packed with 25 years of solid professional expertise in the oilfield industry working with private & public organizations, Wildcat Innovative solutions have enabled the most respected operators in the industry to drill with confidence, create new drilling opportunities and to stay on schedule - cost effectively.

About Us

Wildcat Group of Companies

Wildcat Oilfield Services was established in 2004 in Abu Dhabi with a view to serve the Oil and Gas Industry. Today, Wildcat has established itself as a leading supplier and service provider to Oil and Gas Sector in MENA through its internal growth, skilled professionals, and a realistic development strategy.

Wildcat offers a spectrum of drilling products and services that covers drilling optimization and supplying specialty chemical additives to the Oil and Gas operators in the MENA region, North America and south Asia Subcontinent.

The essence of our continuing excellence is our desire to achieve. Wildcat provides full-services to clients in the upstream & downstream areas of exploration and production.

Global Presence, Global Leverage

Wildcat has Strong representation in MENA,,North America, Africa, Asia Pacific countries via Worldwide network of representatives and agents with multinational capabilities which enables us to serve customers in countries around the globe with best-in-class products and services

Our Mission Statement

To be a premier leader in the oilfield industry by providing superior technology solutions and premium service in the most safe and defect free environment to deliver unparalleled value and innovation and enhance performance by effectively combining technology, people and processes.

Our Vision

To become benchmarked integrated solutions provider recognized by our high quality services and value for money technologies.

To add real value by offering operational and compliant excellence through our unique products and services.

To deliver quality technical support through our experienced professionals and reliable service anywhere, any time.

Our Core Values

Integrity: Honesty and transparency in all interactions with strong code of ethics

HSE: Health, Safety and Environment come first in all our operations.

People: Attracting and retaining the highest level of expert team and creating an environment where they reach their full potential.

Quality & Excellence: Our tools and equipment are the best in their class and maintained to the highest standards.

Customer Commitment: We strive to exceed their expectations and resolving their challenges proficiently

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

We believe sustainable development for healthy growth of a community.

Wildcat QHSE program ensures these goals by exercising zero tolerance for errors in the implementation of best Industrial QHSE practices. These are supplemented with incentives, training, process control, and deployment of most effective time tested quality Improvement tools.

Our strategy is built around plan, do, check and act which reflected in our systems appreciating following key elements:

Provision of a framework for the setting of QHSE Goals and performance objectives.

Monitoring, evaluating and continually improving upon our QHSE performance through operational standards, training, assessments and audits.

Making Client, Customers, Contractors, and business partners familiar with our QHSE system and creating awareness on how their actions can influence QHSE performance.

Making QHSE a part of all product development projects.

Making ourselves, aware of the global industrial initiatives and collecting feedback from our stakeholders for taking improvement initiatives.

Our Global Presence

Global presence in all our current and potential markets is an essential element of our business strategy and commitment to being at the forefront of technology and innovation, delivering superior capability with reliable technology solutions.

With a well-established international presence we maintain a network of offices and local agents in MENA; each of them is packed with experienced professionals with extensive expertise in different disciplines trained on the best technology in the oilfield.

Our Products & Services line

Wildcat is committed to providing high quality services and equipment to the oilfield industry using the latest technology by reliable international vendors, we Provide a diverse spectrum of pioneering Drilling Optimization Solutions for the oilfield industry that aim to source and indentify clients’ challenges and provide them with the latest and best in market solutions to optimize their operations and achieve cost effectiveness

Our Operational Excellence

Our Operational Excellence is achieved by a team of professionals whose extensive experience across a wide range of industries allows Wildcat to incorporate a wealth of experience into our plan to establish sustainable operational excellence with our clients to eliminate down time, reduce cost and keep the drilling operations run on schedule

Our Field Technical Support

Wildcat’s team of experienced field engineers provide in-country technical support services for oilfield operations including installation, commissioning, troubleshooting , evaluation and regular maintenance of equipment to keep them running optimally all the time, our technical team is strategically based to provide our clients with the best technical support anytime any where round the clock to ensure that our equipment is working properly so the rig operators can drill safely, efficiently, and on schedule. Our field technicians are vigorously trained to solve the toughest drilling problems and have the rig drilling team properly trained on running our equipment smoothly to get the most optimum benefit.

Our Client’s Commitment

Wildcat’s main focus is its clients everywhere, we work with our clients to help them achieve their goals and attain to their needs any time any where providing highest level of performance, integrity and responsiveness. This commitment to excellent customer service is what sets us apart from the competition, our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations and provide best in class technology and after sales support in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Our experience and expertise in the MENA markets has resulted in solid relationships with our clients. Our attention to detail and delivery is reflected on providing the right products to the right location at the right time; we are very proud of our track record and relentlessly pursue the highest standard of client satisfaction.